What to do on a Uganda Safari Holiday?

Have you ever thought of enlivening your spirits in East Africa? Uganda-the “Pearl of Africa” is a small country and yet rewards visitors with splendid tourist attractions. It is so stimulating visiting Uganda for spectacular primates, River Nile, tropical rain forests, sceneries, wildlife species, the fresh water and crater lakes, over 1000 bird species as well as diverse culture. It is never regrettable to have an experiential adventure safari in Uganda because it is the best place for visitors to explore the “Hidden Eden”-Kidepo Valley National Park, Karamojong and isolated Ik people on top of Mount Morungole, North Eastern Uganda. With all these abundant resources visitors have never been left out of choice when it comes to authentic African experiences.

Below is a list of thrilling adventures that can make your stay in Uganda memorable
Mountain Gorilla Trekking
Well, with the high demand on gorilla adventures, majority of travelers are forced to prolong their dreams. However, let’s credit the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) for initiating the Gorilla Habituation Experience!! Now you can as well come and spark imaginations with our close relatives the critically endangered mountain gorillas in either Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park or Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. The choice still lies on you! The mountain gorillas are the rarest and the largest Apes that have been recorded to be sharing 98% of DNA with humans. They are only found in montane rain forest of Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Popularly, Uganda is not just a destination to do gorilla trekking but also an amazing destination to do Gorilla Habituation Experience. This experience is unique from the usual gorilla trekking that you might have done before. If gorilla trekking or tracking rewards a life time experiences, then Gorilla Habituation Experience rewards beyond visitors expectation!! Think about spending all the 4 hours with these humble Apes. Probably, it is your time to be the world’s primatologist like Dian Fossey did! Visitors wishing to take up this fascinating adventure only visit Rushaga in South-Western Uganda. The Rushaga-Gorilla Habituation Experience came into scene in the “National newspaper” in Dubai. It involves tracking the mountain gorillas on paths which have will be created using machetes via dense vegetation until the gorilla group is met. Just seeing the trackers clearing the path alone is another exciting experience that a visitor will live to remember. The 4 solid hours are to enable visitors explore on the gorilla lifestyles and the researchers will be available to make interpretation and explanation on various gorilla habits. When we say Uganda is an exceptional tourist destination, many will take time to come into agreement with us. But truly it is the only destination with this spectacular adventure of a kind and visitors willing to experience this adventure find themselves in only two gorilla families in Rushaga-Biking and Bushaho gorilla group. The gorilla permit for this experience costs $1500.

Chimpanzee Tracking
At Kibale National Park, South Western, Uganda, is a home to the world primates that you might have thought about. Out of the usual chimpanzee tracking, today visitors also engage in exciting Chimpanzee Habituation Experience commonly known as “CHEX.” With this activity, visitors spend a full day exploring and learning about the behaviors and lifestyle of these beautiful creatures. This adventure has been noted as the most treasured chimpanzee experience for most visitors who get into Kibale National Park because it is more of an individual than the usual chimp tracking or trekking. Some of the critical lessons to be learnt include-copulating, feeding, nesting, breastfeeding, hunting and territorial petrol.

Hiking experiences
Visitors who have come to Uganda rarely get disappointed when it comes to hiking adventures. You need to know that there are several choices that are available for new or repeat visitors who travel to Uganda. Like many documentaries have previously put it, that there are magnificent national parks in Uganda. That is very true, because it is possible that our visitors do hiking in and around any park. But the most important ones to make consideration are Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Mgahinga Gorilla National Park or any part of Lake Mburo National Park. That is we say it is boundless visiting Uganda for hikes that reward with a range of stunning vegetation, brimming wildlife, River Nile or Albert Nile for a clear sight of Nile crocodiles, hippos and several reptiles.

Mountain climbing
If you also ever thought of challenging yourself, Uganda still remains the perfect destination where one can experience volcano climbing especially in a serene of about 3 volcanoes that are straddled in the Mgahinga Gorilla National Park or alternatively one can book a safari for volcano mountaineering in Mount Elgon National Park, Eastern Uganda.
Besides the volcano mountaineering, visitors can also explore the Africa’s tallest block mountain range-the Rwenzori Mountains. The Rwenzori Mountains is commonly known as “The Mountains of the Moon.” There are several hiking and climbing options for visitors who travel to this place, others can set off from its base or through the 8-10 route to the peaks. It is amazing exploring the stunning sceneries, peaks, glaciers, magical wonders and stimulating creatures on the mystical mountains of the moon. There is profusion of unbeaten experiential activities to discover here but you need about 7 days to climb to the peaks.

White water rafting
Probably, the first Egyptians didn’t discover the excitement on the source of the Nile like it is with the indigenous people around Jinja who have enjoyed floating down it for centuries. At first the fishermen enjoyed it all using their wooden canoes, but currently it’s the thrillers enjoying it with bright orange inflatable paddle rafts and streamlined kayaks! Visitors who have been here before have truly enjoyed it and we still offer the River Nile that joins Lake Victoria with Lake Albert. You will only believe this when you pay a visit to this mighty Nile that Jinja is adrenaline refuse of East Africa and visitors who come to this place explore the perfect experiences in white water rafting in Africa. As you float deep down the water rapids from mild to wild, encounter adventure thrills which make the Indiana Jones jealous.
More still, there is bungee jumping into the River Nile where you can swirl on a 12 meter steel metal on top of 32 meters cliff and then swirl over the water 44 meters below. This is another amazing experience one must not miss in life.

Sport fishing adventures
Besides enjoying the fresh waters of Lake Victoria during boat cruise or white water rafting, there is yet another exciting adventure to do in the Nile “the Nile perch fishing experience.” Talk about fishing and talk about no other destination except Uganda that offers such an exceptional fishing adventures in the world. This experience as the name suggests, involves catching the fish and releasing it back to the water! It is astonishing if you engaged in a competition with colleagues to catch the heaviest Nile perch. Uganda is a small country with 3rd of it being filled with water and hence it provides an ideal ground for sport fishing. For Nile perch fishing adventures Lake Victoria and Murchison falls National Park are two places to offer that perfect and astonishing adventure in life.

Lion tracking
Furthermore, if you have dreams of being a carnivore researcher then visiting Queen Elizabeth National Park is worthy as you set out to track or monitor the lions that are electronically collared. It is astonishing, as well to hike through the Mweya peninsula with researchers to monitor the stripped mongoose population.

Discover the authentic Africa as it is used to be some 50 or 100 years ago
Just at extreme North Eastern Uganda lies Kidepo Valley National Park (KVNP) to offer that authentic African experience within minimal congestion from visitors. Find out the Africa of yesterday only in KVNP-some thing that has been regarded as “The lost Eden” and so it waits for you to unveil those hidden treasures like intense wildlife species and culture. A reason why the park has been noted by CNN as the best tourist destination! It is amazing visiting the Karamojong-the warrior herders or hike on top of Mount Morungole to learn the Ik people.

In conclusion, Uganda stands as the most competitive destination due to the unusual experiential adventures that tourists come to engage in. With mountain gorillas, water bodies, birds, mountains and lovely culture, Uganda becomes the hidden Eden that is worthy discovering.